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Android Control is Here! Relax. . .

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Everything Was Going Well. . .

Androids, fit into society, create an escape route from natural disasters and financial meltdowns, for humanity, with the eSly breakthrough. But now it's all gone wrong; iSly, a superior line of androids, shifts out from eSly, starts to self-replicate, and plies his new, sinister, hostile path. He is gifted, but he has an unknowable operating system. The iSly 'droids start displacing the rich and powerful, military generals, common millionaires, the homeless and everyone in between.

World leaders are horrified.

A resurgent Joseph Dane is on the case, with Bluegrass, his colorful sidekick, and TatarKhan, Hypernet Master. They must find the obscure origins of an epic, android shift, before a major calamity ensues iSly world domination.

Imagine your own personal copy of iSly.

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