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  • The book within you.
    Everyone has a story to tell.  Few have the knowledge of how to get their story into print.  With the help of Biographical Publishing Company, many have achieved their dream . . . seeing their own book published. You can get books published now!  What is your story?  We at BPC would like to help.

  • About Biographical Publishing Company (BPC).BP
    Biographical Publishing was founded in 1991.  We at BPC are dedicated to providing ways for writers to get their works published . . . easily and quickly.  We offer a unique approach which allows authors to control the entire production and marketing of their work.  Plus . . . authors can reap the maximum profit from the sale of their books.

    Most  book publishers generally fall into two categories:

    1. Vanity - The publisher really only prints your book. The author is left with finding ways to market the book. The author bears all the cost of printing and marketing. The author receives all of the profits (or losses) after expenses . . . if the book ever makes it to the marketplace.
    2. Royalty - The publisher bears the cost of printing and marketing. The author receives a royalty (usually small) for books sold. The publisher receives most of the profits (or losses) after expenses. Royalty publishers are very selective as to the books and authors they will accept.

  • PeopeBiographical Publishing works this way:
    1. BPC does book layout and design, proof reading, assigns ISBN, arranges for printing of books, provides promotional services and offers advice on all aspect of book creation.  BPC can help promote your book through its extensive network of wholesaler, distributors, and major bookstore chains including: Ingram Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Canadian booksellers Chapters and Indigo, and more. We also offer 800-number book sales through our distributor, Pathway Book Service.
    2. BPC does not pay on a royalty basis. We charge on a service basis - as few or as many services as you want.
    3. The author pays for the printing of books. BPC recommends low cost, high quality printers and will arrange for books to be printed.
    4. The author can inventory books, or we can perform this service at no additional charge.
    5. The author receives all of the profits (or losses) after expenses.
    6. Some authors elect to send out a batch of bound galleys to reviewers during the early stages of the publication process with a target publication date 3-4 months away. Bound galleys help secure reviews that can be used on the back of the cover in the final print run. They also are read by bookstores and libraries who use them to determine what new books to buy.
    7. BPC accepts most books for publication which meet its standards for quality and decency.

  • Now Offering Kindle, Nook, Google, Apple, and other eBooks
    Biographical Publishing can now provide your book as an eBook through the many eBook vendors. Although eBooks may never replace paper and ink versions, they are the wave of the future. They now outsell hardcover books on Amazon. With printing and shipping costs at zero, your profit on eBooks can be much higher than with print books. Contact us for more information.

  • Not for everyone.
    BPC puts the author in control of all aspects of his or her work - from design to distribution. But our unique method of operation is not suited for everyone. In order to be successful, the author must have sufficient financial resources to pay for the initial production and marketing of books. If the author is able to provide this investment, then the potential for success is high. Participation of authors in the promotional process is most helpful. Our most successful books involve a joint effort of author and publisher. Do you want to know more about the costs involved? Contact us.

  • How to get published.
    Tell us about your ideas, your book, and what you would like to do.  Let us help you make publishing your book a reality.  Biographical Publishing can produce your book from e-mailed chapters, mailed discs, or typed manuscripts.  Contact us for details. Our advice is FREE, too!  References available upon request.

  • Services and rates.Q&A
    Here are current prices (valid through 12-31-2017) for services that can be provided by Biographical Publishing Company:

    Converting manuscript to final book format from typed manuscript, editing and correcting for standard usage. $8.00/page or less
    Converting manuscript to final book format from approved electronic formats sent via e-mail or disc, editing and correcting for standard usage. $6.00/page or less
    Create full cover (front, back, and spine) or jacket design from author's text and art work or available stock art work. $100.00/cover
    Issue ISBN for jacket or cover which includes registration with "Books in Print." $50.00 each
    Submit book data and make available to major wholesale book wholesalers, distributors, and book store chains such as: Ingram Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Bookstores, Indigo Bookstores, etc. This service includes sending review book packages to the Barnes & Noble buyer and the Midwest Book Review. $170.00 per complete package of booksellers
    Launch eBook from author's manuscript in MS Word or similar format to Kindle, Nook, Google, Apple, and other eBooks. $65.00 ea.
    Create eBook front cover design from author's art work or available stock art work. $50.00/cover
    Authors are free to sell their books through any channels they choose. But if BPC is asked to invoice and collect payments for book orders (such as through our major accounts as listed above), BPC would charge the author a fee for each book to be deducted from payments received from these accounts. 5% of
    list price
    Other services as required: prices to be quoted as needed. Contact us
    for details.

  • Printing options.
    Biographical Publishing works with a number of high quality book printers who provide low to medium production runs at reasonable costs. We will help select the best printer for your book. Books can be hardcover, perfect bound (paperback), or made with special bindings. Many options are available for page sizes, layouts, fonts, colors, etc.  Graphics can include drawings or photographs.  The possibilities are endless. Contact us for a personal evaluation of your needs.

  • WWW Links for Writers & Authors.  Check out the Internet resources to help writers and authors.

  • CardexContact us: write, phone, fax, or e-mail.
    Biographical Publishing Company
    95 Sycamore Drive
    Prospect, CT  06712-1011  USA
    Phone: 203-758-3661 ~ FAX: 253-793-2618
    e-mail: biopub@aol.com


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